CPR Sales BBB Business Review


We Collect

We collect standard contact and order processing information about you and your company from our website, E-mail you send to us, and phone calls you place to us to inquire about products or place or service orders. We do not generally collect other information about you or your company, except where we wish to contact you or a member of your company about how we can provide superior products and lower prices on packaging.

Use of Information

We only use information that we collect about you and your company to process your orders, file our taxes with local, state, and federal authorities, carry out internal market research, and track activity at our website. Rarely, our sales and marketing personnel will contact you in person, by phone, or via E-mail to let you know about our great product lines and low prices. We NEVER release your information to outside companies, marketing firms, or other parties without your express verbal or written permission. All information that personally identifies your company and staff is held strictly private and used solely for our business with you.

During order processing, we use ordinary banking organizations to process your orders, and they receive ordinary payment information (e.g., credit card numbers, card expiration dates, names, contact information, order totals). We provide your address to shipment carriers for delivery. We do not release more information to any of these organizations than is required by them to assist us in fulfilling your orders.


We use standard 'cookies' technology with our website to keep track of you as you visit our webpages and build your order. None of your personal or company information is stored in cookies on your computer. The only cookie that is stored on your computer is one to save your password should you select the remember me option when logging onto your account.

Information Security

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology at our website to transfer your credit card number and other payment details to our server for processing. Note that we do not store your credit card number on our servers. Only our credit card processor keeps credit card records of the sales transactions with our customers. Our server is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software to protect your information while you use our system.

Privacy Policy Updates

This policy may change from time to time in compliance with best practices in privacy. Please check back here occasionally to stay abreast of any changes to this policy.

Access to Your Information

You may receive a copy of all of the data that we retain about you and your orders with us. Please make your request in writing. You must include a copy of your drivers license, business license, and a third federal, state, or local identifying document. You must include your phone number in the request and receive a verification call from us before your request can be processed. All information that you provide must match the account details that are on-file with us before the request can be processed. All of these security steps are taken to safeguard customer account details.